The Green Scheme of Things

by It's Chris!



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released September 7, 2015

Thanks to my friends and family for putting up for my stupid choices, I'm trying my best.
Thank you for listening to my music, I do this for you.
Thanks for Codorus State park for being so damn beautiful.
Thanks to Jack over at Hopscotch Inferno Records.




It's Chris! York, Pennsylvania

I play sappy, sloppy, folk punk.
Have fun with this.

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Track Name: The North Remembers
I don't care if you don't like my music
cause at the end of the day I don't too
at the end of the day I don't like my music
and I guess that is nothing new

I don't care if you don't like me
because at the end of the day I don't like me too
but I do want to know if you like me
because I still need validation from you
Track Name: Recycling Day
Capo 1

And I can't help but think
maybe you wouldn't feel the same way
if your boyfriend wasn't in Mechanicsburg
with no way to get to you

if I burn down this whole town
maybe I could get some sleep
because I'm all out of vicaden
and the NyQuil has run thin

At this point I'm just beating a dead horse
for one more stupid chorus and verse
and maybe this song for you I'll play
or toss it in the garbage on recycling day
Track Name: Open Road
Capo 3

You've got an open road
you've got a restless soul
three years of college
but nothing to show
so here we go
here we go

the west coast seems so far
but honey when I'm with you it won't be hard
go pack your things
come along with me
when we set on this journey
we can be free
Track Name: I Want to Believe
Capo 2
Asus4, A,G

I want to believe
God dammit Mulder
you inspire me

I want to believe
God dammit Mulder
I'll try to be a better me