Lo​-​Fi Songs for Bad Times

by It's Chris!

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My new album with work spanning from late 2013 to mid 2014. I've decided to not take this too seriously, I just had fun with it.


released May 28, 2014

Thanks to my friends who put up with listening to my rough cuts.
Thanks to my friends and family for keeping me strong.
Thanks to my few listeners, I do this for you as well.
Special thanks to Julian 'Rodeo' Wrangler from "All We've Got Records."




It's Chris! York, Pennsylvania

I play sappy, sloppy, folk punk.
Have fun with this.

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Track Name: Al Gore and I are Besties
Let's destroy the world
everybody grab a match
cause fossil fuels are fun
and bring in the cash

and rabbits are cute
so lets kill the wolves
and winter it sucks
so burn some more coal

tear down the rainforests
cause humidity frizzes my hair
what about endangered species?
I don't really care

Well I'm safe in my New York penthouse
so why should I care about anybody else?
Cause I'm rich and I won't share

and lets cut food stamps
the poor should just get a job
and lets close the border
I already have an illegal gardener

I support the troops
that's why I want them to fight
it prevents joblessness
and George Bush told me it was right
Track Name: The Oversimplification of the Overly Complicated
I look like I've got it together
but I don't
I look like I know what I'm doing
but I don't

At 18 it's hard to decide, at 18 it's hard to decide,
what to do

But who cares, but who cares,
you're an adult now
Track Name: Chairman Meow
Saturday morning/as I walk down the stairs/I see my young cat/ sitting on a chair
making a/ zine for all/ for all the kids/ in the punk rock scene

she pushed in my face/a copy of the English/ version of the book/Das Kapital
all of my stuff/has been redistributed/among both of/ us right now

wow my cat/ has become/ a feline communist/ and who could have guessed
she's staging revolutions/from my back yard/and bought/bullet proof vests

cat nip farms/ for all the cats/ and unlimited/ scratches on the back
collective milk rights/ for everyone/abolishing wage labor/ isn't that fun

My cat supports zapistas now, my cat participates in red bloc now,
my cat tries to feed all strays in town, my cat's name is chairman meow
Track Name: So Long
Someone get me to Ireland
I don't want to be here any more
our gun violence, health care, and education
I won't miss them only you

I'll miss the bands
I'll miss the shows
I'll miss everyone I know
but mostly I'll miss you
I'll miss my family
I'll miss my friends
and I don't think that will ever end
as long as they're away

Sooooo long (in various ways)